“The only time I feel alive is when I'm painting.”  - Vincent Van Gogh

What do you need to UNCORK from?

  • Work pressures

  • Never ending housework

  • Nagging kids/boss/spouse

  • The daily grind

  • or just need a "Night Out"?

Let us help you UNCORK!

At a Wet Palette Party you will:


Tap into your creative side and ZONE out!  If you think, "I don't have a creative side". No problem! The Wet Palette process is Fail-Proof. It is easy enough for a toddler to do, but FUN enough that Mom and Dad will love to do it  too (especially with your beverage of choice). 


Everyone needs a "Night Out on the Town"! Bring your friends and have a great time OR come alone and make NEW friends. The Wet Palette Community is a Fun, Vibrant group of people that is infectious to be around.


Feel Proud of what YOU created - our Fail-Proof process lets every painter, no matter their skill or lack-there-of, produce a painting worth framing.  Our goal is for you to hang it proudly in your home and say "I did that!" when you have company. Like so many past Wet Palette customers.

Let's help you UNCORK  today!